My very first blog post!

8 Oct

Hello fellow bloggers! It’s taken me quite some time to get up to speed in the blogging world, as I’ve had very limited social media experience up to this point.  It’s a bit embarrassing to know that many of my peers and fellow Journalism students have their blogs up and running, are connected to twitter, and have tons of followers, while I’m spending hours struggling to change the type on my homepage! Bear with me friends, as I fish through the details of this site–I can tell it’s going to take some getting used to, but i am SO excited to get started!

So…why would anyone wanna follow my, or should i say RyEs, blog? My focus for the blog has come from my own experience working for a weight loss company called Metabolic Research Center over the past 6 1/2 months. I meet with women every day who suffer from low confidence, high blood pressure, aches and pains, low energy, and a slew of medical issues. My job is to help them meet their weight loss goals and provide the best support to aid them in their journey to a new way of life. Many of our client’s problems come from years of inactivity and poor nutrition, but who can blame them? I’ve found that most college students lack motivation to get into a healthy diet and exercise regime, because they’ve been told that they are too young to have to think about possible health problems down the road! I am guilty of having this same mentality, but my job has forced me to WAKE UP a bit and rethink some of my habits, both nutritionally and actively.

The Eugene Metabolic Research Center team!

How does this apply to all of you? I would bet that almost every person reading this has either had a weight problem at some point or another, has struggled to follow a proper eating plan, finds it hard to actively work out, or suffers from low energy during the day. As students and young adults, we don’t want to start thinking about adjusting to healthier lifestyles, but yet we are aware every time we haven’t made the best decisions, “Why did I have that 5th cookie??”or “Why didn’t I just go to the gym!” This is evidence that we do want to change. My goal is to provide tips and suggestions for how to easily balance your meals, eat-out wisely, stay hydrated, sleep soundly, boost your energy, get active in the community and get off the couch!!

With so much technology bombarding us these days, and social media exploding onto the scene–it’s often impossible not to spend hours on the computer. Students balance large homework loads with spending long periods of time on the internet, and are left with little chance to explore their own creativity and interests. Aside from their studies, students fall into traps of partying, texting, twittering and facebooking, instead of getting up and out of their usual routines. Looking for ways out of that trap? Just start following RyeEs blog! 🙂