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Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Ryan Elizabeth Burch, and I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Journalism/Public Relations. I am particularly interested in event planning, traveling, health, spontaneity and good humor!

Why would anyone wanna follow my, or should i say RyEs, blog? My focus for the blog has come from my own experience working for a weight loss company called Metabolic Research Center (MRC) since April. I meet with women every day who suffer from low confidence, high blood pressure, aches and pains, low energy, and a slew of medical issues. My job is to help them meet their weight loss goals and provide the best support to aid them in their journey to a healthier way of life. Many of our client’s problems come from years of inactivity and poor nutrition, but who can blame them? I’ve found that most college students lack motivation to get into a healthy diet and exercise regime, because they’ve been told that they are too young to have to think about possible health problems down the road. I am guilty of having this same mentality, but my job has forced me to wake up a bit and rethink some of my habits, both nutritionally and actively.

With this blog I aim to share some of the education gleaned through my work at MRC, as well as from my own research and experiences living as a University student in the health-conscious and “go green” city of Eugene. Living with eight other girls has kept me busy over the last couple years, and I’m constantly looking for unique ways to have fun that don’t always revolve around food. I’ve found that it’s very easy to get stuck in a routine way of eating, working out (or not working out) and having fun. My goal is to help young adults get out of these ruts by inspiring them to get healthy, creative and off the couch.


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